Unlike the fictional Lector, Robert Maudsley is a real serial killer and an alleged cannibal nicknamed ‘The Brain Eater’.

Image: http://murderpedia.org/male.M/m/maudsley-robert.htm

Only 8 years old, abducted, murdered and dismembered — her name lives on but the crime is all-but forgotten

Image: TheOtherKev pixabay.com

How it came about

August 24 1867 was a beautiful, warm summer day…

36 year sentence for this cruel and contemptuous killer

Peter Farquhar with Benjamin Field — Image, Thames Valley Police

Photo by Jonathan Cooper on Unsplash

The changes you see when you revisit

Photo by Matthew Bennett on Unsplash


The Police didn’t need an ‘inside man’ — they just had to read the messages.

Photo by Alwin Kroon on Unsplash

How can you launder money when all the cash-heavy businesses are closed?

Some of the cash in the Fulham money laundering case — Photo, Metropolitan Police handout

Why do criminals need to launder money?

Criminal activity, primarily (but…

Policeman Kashif Mahmood stopped criminal money mules and seized drugs money — but he was freelancing.

Police Constable Mahmood — Metropolitan Police handout

Was Dale Cregan Killing Just To Make People Afraid Of Him?

Dale Creagan — photo credit Greater Manchester Police

This ‘serial killer wannabe’ studied serial killers and the way they killed for a PhD.

Stephen Griffiths arrest photograph — West Yorkshire Police

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