Unlike the fictional Lector, Robert Maudsley is a real serial killer and an alleged cannibal nicknamed ‘The Brain Eater’.

Wakefield Prison is an austere, red-brick Victorian prison. Previously it was home to military prisoners who refused to follow orders in the war. Later, Courts ordered the detention of IRA prisoners at the prison. …

Only 8 years old, abducted, murdered and dismembered — her name lives on but the crime is all-but forgotten

Have you ever heard the expression ‘Sweet Fanny Adams’? These days, it has come to mean ‘nothing’ or ‘nothing at all’ but it started with a different meaning and it relates to a little 8 year old English girl who was brutally murdered and whose body was dismembered, body parts…

36 year sentence for this cruel and contemptuous killer

A younger person getting together with an older (and often, more affluent) person and wanting to get their hands on the older person’s money is nothing new. We have terms for it, like ‘gold-digger’. What makes this story rather more unusual is the sheer, contemptuous and unalloyed greed, coupled to…


The Police didn’t need an ‘inside man’ — they just had to read the messages.

Police forces worldwide have scored spectacular success in catching and convicting criminals in the last two years. This achievement is thanks to the Police being able to listen to conversations that the criminals thought were private. Indeed, the miscreants imagined the calls and messages to be fully encrypted.

Their mistake…

How can you launder money when all the cash-heavy businesses are closed?

Have you heard of the ‘law of unintended consequences’?

When countries, including the UK, locked down to protect hospitals from being overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients, some consequences were known and allowed for, from some people losing their employment to mass loneliness and isolation. …

Policeman Kashif Mahmood stopped criminal money mules and seized drugs money — but he was freelancing.

A definition of the perfect crime might be one where no one but the criminal even realises that someone has even committed any crime.

These crimes did not meet that definition, but they came a pretty close second: How about a hold up where the victims will never report the…

Was Dale Cregan Killing Just To Make People Afraid Of Him?

Police officers knew he was still out there. They knew who the man was they were looking for, and they knew he was a stone-cold killer. They knew his MO — his modus operandi — was to both shoot his victims and also toss in a fragmentation grenade.

Gangster Dale…

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