I am suprised to see you represent the figures in this way. It is disingenuous, if not actively dishonest in my opinion. The 276 deaths in the UK, tragic I agree, does not at all relate to the 3,500 people shot dead in the USA by the Police. The correct equialent figure for the UK is 16 deaths in custody or during arrest and three shot dead (which will normally only have been in the situation where a person is threatening the police or public with a firearm or explosive device). So, maybe 19, or maybe 3, if you want to compare like with like. If you want to draw this comparison, then do so, but include numbers on the same basis. The UK number, for example, includes people who committed suicide following police contact - that number is completely absent from the number of US dead. For me, an otherwise potentially interesting article is completly spoilt by this inaccurate and heavily biased piece of misinformation and misdirection.

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