I worked for a period in a special ops team, reporting into the CEO. We were responsible for managing the closure of units, with jobs being made redundant and other very impactful changes. I was very conscious of the impact and for months at a time I was party to information not known to colleagues and often friends I had worked with for years. Not easy and I could have refused or left or even put myself on one of the exit/redundancy tracks, but I stuck with it. Yes, I took the money and did the job, but I was comfortable knowing that I doing the job as well as possible, treating people with courtesy and compassion, telling people as much as I could and as early I could, pushing back to my management against what I saw as unfair decisions and mitigating what I could. I did and do believe that the changes would have gone through with or without me, but by doing what I did I made the impact less painful and brutal than it might have been. Incidentally, in the next round (which was at Group, not Company level) I was made redundant too, alongside my whole team.

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