Thank you for the story, it was thought provoking and interesting. i very much liked the image you wove of a lone glove, poignant. It is interesting sometimes to see what resonates with people from a different culture and country. Even when we feel intrinsically as though we may be quite similar, you can suddenly discover quite unexpectedly deep schisms – to name two, the attitudes of most Brits to personal ownership of firearms and the attitudes of many Americans to free-at-point-of-need universal health care.

I was pleased to see this year the the Glastonbury Music Festival (large British annual event, somewhat ‘hippy’) created one of their stages out of waste plastic items recovered from British beaches and coastal waters. It was not so much the reuse of the items (good tho that is) as the drawing attention to the issue. Naturalist Sir David Attenborough has had quite an impact here recently when a TV series of his highlighted the effect of waste plastic on sea life. People are sitting up and taking notice. My story was, I am afraid, a little more flip-and where yours was more serious and important, but I happily gift you the Art Exhibition concept, especially if a) it could raise a little attention and/or b) some pretentious big city types can be persuaded to pay mega-bucks for ‘Sleevless white nylon blouse (woman, size 8) and left sneaker (man, size 9) – recovered concept piece titled “Put your hand on my bare shoulder if you’re going to hop the whole way home”’

British guy. Loves writing — loves words. Loves reading. Loves Medium. Twitter @andykilloran

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