The rise of populist leaders can be seen the world over and there are other variations, too. In the UK, there was a narrow vote, the same year as Trump was elected, for the UK to leave the EU. Many arguments were put for both sides which I won't rehash here but at a lot of it seems to be this nostalgia, this yearning for earlier days when it was better or is seemed better or we remember it as better. I am a child of the 60's and there was full employment and rising real-terms wages and a technology explosion and improving healthcare and longevity and exciting music and on and on - who wouldn't want all that? And politicialns are not above promising the moon and the stars if it allows them to rent your vote. Finally, of course, to anyone who fell for the line from DJT that he not a politician and was different and they could trust him...well, how did that work out for you, folks? Build a wall? Drain the swamp? Or just hide behind the immunity from prosecution for a few years.