The Serial Killer From Central Casting — Stephen Griffiths Who Killed For Fame

This ‘serial killer wannabe’ studied serial killers and the way they killed for a PhD.

Andy Killoran
13 min readMar 15, 2021


Stephen Griffiths arrest photograph — West Yorkshire Police

Stephen Griffiths may have had a life-long ambition to join the ranks of the serial killers he admired and studied.

If that was indeed what he craved, in 2009 and 2010, he achieved this ambition.

Griffiths was born December 24th 1969, in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire.

Stephen Shaun Griffiths was the eldest of three children.

He had an ordinary and mostly uneventful childhood until his parents split up when he was nine years old. He remained living with his mother. He had some resentment towards her as he blamed her for the marriage’s breakdown.

Forensic Psychologist and a regular expert witness in Court, Dr Julian Boon, has looked into the reports about Griffiths. He says that he understands Griffiths had ‘utter contempt’ for his mother.

Some people said that Griffiths mother was a sex worker. Wakefield neighbours of the family said they had seen her in the yard, naked and having intercourse with men and in full view of the neighbours.

Dr Boon says it is not impossible to imagine that Griffiths could have transposed his contempt for his mother onto women in general.

In an interview with Police officers, Griffiths described himself as a misanthrope — not very fond of people in general.

When Griffiths was in his early teens, his father found the money to send the boy to a fee-paying school to give him the best possible education, but Stephen Griffiths was soon in trouble there. Reports from the school and contemporaries describe Griffiths as a boy who considered himself intellectually superior, a boy who thought no-one could teach him anything. As can often happen, this leads to intellectual underperformance because he refused to learn what he considered — incorrectly — that he already knew.

Griffiths failed to pass is ‘A’ levels, the age-18 qualification equivalent to a high school diploma.

Whilst he might not have been intellectually successful, Griffiths did leave the school…



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